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Radical Hospitality, space for human flourishing in a complex world.

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‘How are we all going to live together, in spite of all our differences?’

This book is for anyone who has wondered this, in the light of the divisions apparent in today’s world. It intends to distil what I have learned from many years of experience encountering difference during my human journey. It is set in Australia but has the western world in mind. While it surveys the role religions have played in the formation of western attitudes, it takes an expansive, inclusive view within the context of contemporary society.

This book makes a case for the necessity to practise a new kind of hospitality.

It proposes a new language, appropriating the legacy of ancient wisdom and re-imagining it for the current age and beyond.

It promotes a particular departure point for the ongoing conversation about human flourishing, and ultimately human survival.

It is written for general readership but may also be a source for discussion groups and a resource for students and human service providers.

An Improbable Feast, the surprising dynamic of hospitality at the heart of multifaith chaplaincy. 2010