About Geoff Boyce:

Geoff Boyce retired from Flinders University in January 2017 and now works  independently with others concerned for human flourishing, drawing on his experience of establishing Oasis at Flinders University.

In 2016, a colleague described Geoff as follows:

 Following 25 years as a Secondary School teacher, in 1997 Geoff embarked on a vocation of spiritual care to the staff and student body at Flinders University, a work he continues to this day. Geoff’s approach to spiritual care has been inclusive, profoundly hospitable, innovative and courageous. Under his leadership the work of chaplaincy at the university has transformed from the palliative care of a diminishing and outdated religious construct to a vibrant engagement with the spirituality of everyday campus life.

Dr Phil Daughtry
Head of School, Humanities and Social Sciences
Tabor College, Adelaide.

About Oasis:

Oasis evolved from the Religious Centre at Flinders University in South Australia over a ten year period in response to the dominance of a competitive, exclusionary religious group, at a time of increasing religious diversity.

It was launched by the Chairperson of the SA Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission, now Governor of SA, Mr Hieu Van Le, in April 2008.

In 2013, Oasis was embraced within the administrative structures of the University and in 2016 moved into a purpose-built facility, reflecting its aims of offering hospitality, fostering inclusion and inspiring a culture of care.

Oasis does this by providing a safe, inclusive drop-in centre, facilitated by a team of volunteers who enable interpersonal, intercultural and interfaith respect and understanding.

In this friendly, informal environment, students meet, make connections, find friendship and support, and create initiatives of their own that advance human flourishing.

Oasis also supports initiatives by staff, hosting inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural, and inter-religious endeavour in keeping with the Oasis ethos.

Oasis offers its experiences of innovation and transformation to the wider local, national and international community.


In retirement, Geoff Boyce offers his knowledge, connections and experience in creating opportunities for interfaith and intercultural human flourishing.

He is a member of Pilgrim Uniting Church in the City and The NOW Tribe of independent social entrepreneurs.

Geoff is a member of the Advisory Committee for Student Wellbeing And Prevention of Violence research centre (SWAPv) at Flinders University and continues to provide support and occasional workshops for International Social Work postgraduate students.

He has been a member of the national body of the Uniting Church’s Relations with Other Faiths Working Group since 2008.