Interfaith Spirituality

The Tide is Turning

There is a turning:
Darkness has given way
to the light,
Waiting has made room for arriving,
Old has moved over
for the new,
And God is in the turning.

There is a turning:
Promise has given way to fulfilment,
Silence has made room for the Word,
Deserts have moved over for the flowering,
And God is in the turning.

There is a turning:
Past has given way to the future,
Prophecy has made room for truth,
Death has moved over for life,
And God is in the turning.

But this is not all there is.
Just when our backs are turned,
And we aren’t looking,
God will turn the world again.

There is a turning:
Conflict will give way to peace,
Brokenness will make room for healing,
Wrongdoing will move over for justice,
And God is in the turning.

There is a turning:
Hate will give way to love,
Evil will make room for grace,
Corruption will move over for forgiveness,
And God is in the turning.

Roddy Hamilton, Scotland

Whether we may name God in the turning or not, or whether we can affirm these statements of faith and hope or not, I see signs of a turning, or perhaps little turnings.

On the weekend, a handful of us met with the Imam and some members of the Marion Mosque – here the “silence…made room for the Word” and the yearning of the poem for peace, healing, justice and forgiveness was felt. (see my interfaith blogspot,

I hope there are little turnings for peace and healing in your world.

By Geoff Boyce

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